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Friday, May 9, 2014

POST # 61 - "THE TRIAL OF ADAM LINK!" by Joe Orlando

I am


We now continue with 

This is part 2 in the saga of Adam Link, ROBOT!
To see or refresh yourself on part 1, click here.

As with part 1, "THE TRIAL OF ADAM LINK" is skillfully drawn by Joe Orlando
with Otto Binder adapting his own story for CREEPY #4, 1965.



Stay tuned for more to come 
in the continuing saga of Adam Link, ROBOT!

Joe Orlando originally drew Otto Binder's Adam Link adventures in 1955 for EC Comics, and over at 
I am presenting the first rendition of 
"THE TRIAL OF ADAM LINK", done 10 years earlier, in full color!
It is fascinating to compare the two different versions, both excellent! 
Just click above or click right here!

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