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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

POST # 59 - "LUNAR GOLIATHS" by Jack Kirby and Al Williamson

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Today's post features the artwork of two great artists, Jack Kirby and Al Williamson!

Kirby and Williamson worked together on several 3 Rocketeers stories for Harvey comics, in RACE FOR THE MOON #3 and BLAST-OFF #1, and Pappy has most (if not all) of them posted on his blog. To see the published color version of today's story click here and see it at Pappy's!

In "LUNAR GOLIATHS", we have of course Kirby pencils and Williamson inks, and can such a dynamic pairing do any wrong? I think not!

Of course, the Lunar Goliaths are, in fact, ROBOTS, hence today's ROBOT posting!





(Oh yeah, this is the original art, found at Heritage Auctions site)

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