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Monday, May 5, 2014

POST # 57 - "I, ROBOT - Memoirs Of Adam Link" by Joe Orlando


I am

All this week I am celebrating the phenomena of 
ROBOTS IN COMICS both here and at

Today we present the artwork of Joe Orlando, veteran Golden and Silver Age artist.
During the 1950's Orlando drew Otto Binder's ADAM LINK Robot character for EC COMICS,
and continued to draw him in the 1960's for WARREN PUBLISHING.

Orlando and Binder revisit the Robot comic stories they produced ten years earlier, 
this time in black and white.

Originally published in CREEPY #2, 1965, here is




Click HERE or on Joe's name below for more ADAM LINK, Robot!

I'll be back with more Robots
and great Black And White artwork!
Until next time, remember, 


  1. Cool. Never saw this version; do you have the other Adam Link stories published by Warren ? Would love to see them strung together for Adam Link Week.

    1. Lysdexiconiticuss,

      Oboy! I like broadening someone's artistical horizons and exposin' 'em to stuff they ain't seen before (or in a long time)!

      The answer is yes, yes I do. The fact is I was originally going to do just that, post Adam Link one everyday, it would be kinda cool to see what happens next with every story / episode! But, I changed my mind...I wouldn't want to tick off someone at Dark Horse or whoever might hold copyrights by blowing the whole Adam Link wad like that. I feel that one now and then is a good thing, kind of a commercial, or an appetite whetter, to make you want more, so the viewer might decide to go and find a copy somewhere and buy it...thus far I've had no troubles posting artwork, and I don't need any, any how, now, either! It's not like I make one single cent posting these, you know how much work can be involved in presenting this stuff (and I like the bells and whistles...if ya hadn't noticed)! So I think all us comic bloggers are providing a service, like a free advertisement for the original artworks and so forth.

      That being said (in a long-winded and bloviating kind of megalomaniacal way), I do plan on posting more Adam Link stories. I mean, I gotta find out what happens to him next!

      So stick around, I'll see what I can do!