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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

POST # 53 - "DOWN TO EARTH!" by Wally Wood (Original Artwork)

Hello again, art fans!
I am

One of the greatest comic book artists of all time,
Wallace 'Wally" Wood should be a name familiar to any who call themselves a fan of comics. I've written about him several times on multiple blog posts and multiple blogs, and if you want to see and read more about Wood, just enter his name in the search box in the upper left corner.

While Jack Kirby is generally regarded as the greatest comic book artist of all time, Wally Wood comes in at a very close second place in the minds of many. Any way you rank them, Wood was an amazingly talented individual. 

For an overwhelming majority of fans, Wood's work at EC Comics is considered to be the high point in a prestigious and decade spanning career, and his science fiction comics were among his most well loved works.

Today's post is another rare treat revealing a closer look at the original artwork of Wally Wood for a story entitled, "DOWN TO EARTH!". Originally published in EC's WEIRD SCIENCE #16 in 1952, it was written by Al Feldstein, and features typically lavish Wood detail as only he could provide. Though over sixty years old and yellowed from age, this story stills remains a masterpiece of comic art, and exhibits the masterful style of a one-of-a-kind creative genius.


--In addition to the original black and white line art posted here, I also posted the story as originally shown in color over at
So, after you feast your eyes here, click the link (here) and enjoy the color version 
(beautifully colored by Marie Severin)!--


(Artwork courtesy of Heritage Auctions)
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That story was a thing of beauty!
Be sure to click the link below and go to 
to enjoy and compare the excellent color version!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hello, black and white art lovers!

It's time to take another journey down 
"Mammary Lane" with artist Bill Ward!
There was just too much glamorous goodness to enjoy that I 
couldn't say goodbye to Ward's gorgeous goddesses just yet!

So, if you are so disposed, join me, and we will revisit the
talented Mr. Ward's bountiful bevy of bombastic babes!
You can never get enough of a good thing, eh, art lovers?

Don't forget, you can click on the images to enlarge
and enjoy them even more!
(and, in case you missed it, Part 1 is here)

"I think I'd better rescue my husband. He hates to get stuck with one woman at a cocktail party!"

"Of course men make passes at girls who wear glasses...Why, are you wearing glasses?"

"Don't worry about a thing, Mr. Steadily. Your wife is quite satisfied with your progress!"

"Wilma, that's your fourth soda...looks like you're gonna bust any minute!"

"It's a funny thing, Miss Debere, but no matter how many times I audition girls,
 it always seems like the first time!"

"Well, you certainly have to hand it to that Mr. Grabbe, if you want to get a raise, that is!"

"I won't ask you to come in tonight, Mr. Hastings. My old diary is completely filled. 
Tomorrow I'll start a new edition!"

"Dear, if the new maid doesn't please you, I'll have to let you go!"

"Quick, J.B., tell her we're going to break her contract  -  that'll make her cry!"

"No, stupid, the boat isn't in distress... I am!"

"...Sure, Johnny, you can bury Daddy...do his head first!"

"As a matter of fact, I think I can find a spot for you -- a lovely little spot in a secluded fishing village!"

"You're quite unusual, Harley -- aren't you afraid that all of this coffee will keep you awake?"

"I'm sorry I took so long, but I had to slow down around the curves!"

"When you said you'd play ball with me if I took you to Spain, I thought...!"

"I would like to add, Tessie, that you're also tremendous!"

"Well, thank you for the evening anyway, Mr. Gotrocks, now I know how you saved a million dollars!"

"Oh no...please, Miss...you're not going to buy the first pair you try on!"

"If I were you, Miss Devere, I'd also use a king-size cigarette holder!"

"I don't mind walking in the rain -- somehow I never get my shoes wet!"


Well, that's it for now!
Rest your eyes and come back tomorrow!
Don't forget to check out the official Bill Ward site here!

(Most of the original artwork posted here was found at Heritage Auctions website)

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello again!

Today I am going to share with you pin-up girls/cartoons
done by the excellent artist Bill Ward! 

Bill Ward began his career in comics doing layouts for Fawcett's CAPTAIN MARVEL (for artist C.C. Beck), and was soon drawing his own comics, mostly for QUALITY COMICS, where he drew features for BLACKHAWK, BULLETMAN, DOLLMAN, and most notably his own creation, TORCHY.

TORCHY was created by Ward while he was in the service.
In 1943 he began a strip called ACK-ACK AMY, which later became TORCHY, and is memorable for it's heroine, a voluptuous blonde. Ever since, Ward has been known for his pin-up women, renowned for their eye-grabbing, overly buxom figures. Ward explains his art this way:

"Many moons ago, while attending my first class in art school, the instructor told us that in order for us students to make the best of our talents, we should paint what interests or fascinates us the most. Those of us who liked portraiture, paint portraits. Those of us who are turned on by still-lifes, paint still-lifes...Instantly I knew what my future would be; I'd paint girls and I have been ever since! Anyways, it was destined I would be an artist...just spell my name backwards!"

The artist, surrounded by some of his women.



You can purchase original works like these and see more artwork by BILL WARD at the official Bill Ward site here.