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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello again!

Today I am going to share with you pin-up girls/cartoons
done by the excellent artist Bill Ward! 

Bill Ward began his career in comics doing layouts for Fawcett's CAPTAIN MARVEL (for artist C.C. Beck), and was soon drawing his own comics, mostly for QUALITY COMICS, where he drew features for BLACKHAWK, BULLETMAN, DOLLMAN, and most notably his own creation, TORCHY.

TORCHY was created by Ward while he was in the service.
In 1943 he began a strip called ACK-ACK AMY, which later became TORCHY, and is memorable for it's heroine, a voluptuous blonde. Ever since, Ward has been known for his pin-up women, renowned for their eye-grabbing, overly buxom figures. Ward explains his art this way:

"Many moons ago, while attending my first class in art school, the instructor told us that in order for us students to make the best of our talents, we should paint what interests or fascinates us the most. Those of us who liked portraiture, paint portraits. Those of us who are turned on by still-lifes, paint still-lifes...Instantly I knew what my future would be; I'd paint girls and I have been ever since! Anyways, it was destined I would be an artist...just spell my name backwards!"

The artist, surrounded by some of his women.



You can purchase original works like these and see more artwork by BILL WARD at the official Bill Ward site here.


  1. best b&w post ever. I wonder if Ward & Frazetta ever yapped about drawing sexy women. Love the way he renders hair & lips. Wonder if he ever drew a hairlip. Self-Portrait surrounded by Babes is tops, Daddy-O !

    1. Thanks, L,

      I didn't even notice...did these women have hair and lips? I guess I was looking somewhere else...what I did notice, and not many people will catch this, but...each of his women shared the same anatomical feature -- know what it is? They all have two gigantic, enormous, bouncy, floppy, really, really, REALLY BIG...eyes.

      Seriously, though, ...ahem...I will be posting more great Ward art on APOCOLYTE's WORLD OF COMICS soon, cool artwork from some of his romance comics and Torchy. His romance comics feature the same type of beautiful full figured women but just a leeetle bit more subdued...just a little bit though!