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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Post # 69 - "SQUISH THING" artwork by Berni Wrightson

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Penultimate 70's HORROR artiste extraordinaire Berni Wrightson parodies his own most famous creation, the SWAMP THING, for The Simpson's comic book "TREEHOUSE OF HORROR" # 11 (Oct. 2005).
This is the black and white artwork.
Even sans dialogue balloons, Wrightson's artwork carries the story 
(Incidentally, the story is, of course, by Len Wein, the writer and co-creator of the 
original SWAMP THING).




The actual comic was a "flip" book with two covers,
each parodying classic EC Comics horror artwork...


Bonus artwork - 

Berni Wrightson's version of the cover art 
(parody of DC's HOUSE OF SECRETS #92)

...and the unforgettable original HOUSE OF SECRETS #92 cover art...

To view the original SWAMP THING story,


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  1. Damn cool and thoroughly amazing. I love looking at black and white comics art, having picked up two Batman Noir titles Coloring Dc Comics - Batman Mad: Love. I also collect a great deal of Aussie comics with many times have great black and white versions of US comic book stories that were originally in color! Continued success with your blog/

  2. So glad to see you're back posting new stories. I've enjoyed the old black & white Warren comics all the way back to Creepy #1. This Simpson take off is fantastic. I'll need to read the original again.