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Friday, November 6, 2009

POST # 5 - "BLOOD OF THE WEREWOLF!" by Steve Ditko

Can I tell you something?

Steve Ditko.

There, I said it.
I really don't know what else to say.
If you don't know who he is, then you're not a 'real' comics fan, are you... ARE YOU?!

But of course you know who Steve Ditko is (if not, click here). If you just awoke from a coma and weren't aware of it, Pappy featured a beautiful 50's Ditko tale just yesterday (click here).
The feature story here today contains some wonderful black and white art, lush with Ditko's loving graytone wash for exceptional 3D effect .
From CREEPY # 12, 1966, and written by Archie Goodwin, here is Steve Ditko's -

...ooops! Almost forgot! Pappy reminded us that Steve Ditko celebrated his 82nd birthday on November 2! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a true original, comics creator and pioneer Steve Ditko!


  1. Oh man Apocolyte what a great Ditko story. I'd not read or seen this one before. Ditko is probably my favorite comic book artist of all time. I am a huge Creeper fan because of him. I love in this story, his trade-mark way of drawing hands :) I noticed too that the evil Father (the Scientist) looked a little like Ditko's Vulture character. Lastly, I did not see the surprise ending coming. Good job by Archie G.

  2. R/E - I'm glad you liked it.I'm also a big fan of Ditko, and I thought this story showed so much of what makes him one of the greatest comic artist ever! So many wonderfully composed panels!

  3. I haven't read this one in years. I was amazed at how well Ditko handled the wash tones. I believe that Steve Ditko would appreciate efforts by his fans to get Marvel Comics to unconditionally acknowledge him as the Co-Creator of Spider-man. Without Ditko's creation, I don't think Spider-man would exist.
    Thanks for another great post. Love your website.

  4. Bob - Glad you could drop by! The wash tones look even better in person - don't get me wrong, these scans are great, but it loses just a little something online (but not much!)...I agree with you about Ditko. I appreciate Stan Lee and all he has done, but most of us realize that Ditko pretty much plotted and drew the (Spider-Man)stories, and later Stan would add dialogue (how easy was that?)...for a few shining years Ditko was THE man!

  5. this is a terrific blog, Apocolyte. I can't think how I've never been here before. more!