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Friday, November 6, 2009

POST # 4 - "SOUL OF HORROR!" by Angelo Torres

The name of Angelo Torres may, for some, evoke memories of reading those old MAD magazines in the 70's. Torres was for some time the 'teeter' on the other end of Mort Drucker's 'totter'. Hmmm....that didn't sound the way I meant it to ...What I meant was that the primary reason for buying a MAD magazine often was the wonderfully drawn movie and TV satires, usually one as the opener of the mag, and the other as the closer. For the most part these were usually drawn by two gifted artists - Mort Drucker, and Angelo Torres (drawing in the Drucker style!). Teeter - Totter!
Torres got his start as one of 'the Fleagle gang' at EC comics near the end of their run. It is ironic that the only story he did for them ('An Eye For An Eye') was unpublishable per the Comics Code Authority.
By the mid-sixties Torres was proving himself as one of the new masters of the black and white format championed by the  growing Warren Magzine line. This story is from early in the series, from EERIE # 3, 1966.
When the story starts off with a bloody carcass on a sacrificial alter, you know it's not going to end well. Scripted by the great Archie Goodwin, here is ...SOUL OF HORROR!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Jack Davis drew the great images of Cousin Eerie on the 'bumpers'!


  1. Nice! That 1st scene is pretty grisly! Yikes!
    Cousin Eerie looks like a fatter, older Alfred E Neuman who's let himself go.

  2. KW, I agree about the first scene - that's why I had to post it!

    Ha! Love the observation about Cousin Eerie! Never noticed that, but I see it too! ( Now I'm gonna have to do some kind of photoshop -morph - transition with the two faces!)

  3. Sometimes when we see black and white art, it was left "open for color" this Angelo Torres work is great, in part, because it is meant to stay black and white. Very enjoyable website.
    Please come visit.

  4. Bob- Glad you like the site - I shall check out yours, too!