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Saturday, February 13, 2010

POST # 30 -" HE WALKED AMONG US" by Wally Wood (original art)

As I was reviewing the artwork for today's post, I knew I couldn't hold back any longer.
I had to post it .
You'll see why.

This original artwork is from a classic story originally published in EC comics WEIRD SCIENCE # 13, 1952, written by Al Feldstein and lifted into the heights of near perfection by the pen and brush of Wally Wood. The black and white original art allows us to see in greater definition the incredible details Wood lavished upon every panel..please, do not rush through this one, you'll regret it. Even if you've read it before (and most of us have), take your time and enjoy.
It's one of Wood's best.

When you're done, follow the link to APOCOLYTE'S WORLD OF COMICS for the story in color!

Ready? Here we go!

click here to see this story in color!


  1. OMG ! I must stop feeding IAMS to my CAT ! She will turn into an Intelligent Alien Monster Soon ! IAMS more curious about Wally's f-ups underneath the pasties. And from where are you swiping all this awesome HQ EC poo, Apocolyte ? Inquiring Artist wants to know !

  2. KW,
    It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Even blown up to lifesize (thereabouts) we still see Wood drew incredible tiny details so finely done...I just love Wood's trademark 'faces on the wall'...some day soon I'll post another story where we can try to count the 'Woody Wall Faces'...this story has a few, but others have lots more!

    Ha! IAMS!
    Yes this was quite a 'patchy' job, but beautiful in the end! But look again, my friend! Truly, these patches are clearly not for covering up mistakes, but if you'll notice...each patch corresponds to a panel with a screen, be it craftint or zip-a-tone, it appears Wood decided to 'patch' these tone areas into the artwork...who might know the reason why he he chose to apply the tone this way?
    Where are the originals coming from? Let's just say, I've been making some ...'aquisitions' at some online auctions...I spend inordinate amounts of time digging for treasure, treasure to share with you! Rest assured, there are more treasures to come!

  3. It is so groovy you can post this classic EC tale in RAW form! I had to pause several times in the reading to wipe the drool from my face as I soaked in the yummy wood-work from panel to panel....So fargin SH-veet! Thanks again Apocolyte~

  4. Ha! Thanks Mitchell, I know what you mean, I'm a huge Wood fan, and seeing a whole story in the original art was enough to make my nipples hard. They still are.

  5. Wood was using a special art paper then called Craftint (later called Grafix and it was announced recently it will no longer be made). Wood drew on the paper provided by EC and cut the patches out of the Craftint to mount onto the EC boards. A chemical was applied to the Craftint paper to give it the toned effect.

    An artist who used it to great effect was John Severin. Check out his work on Cracked, especially, and it was mostly done on Craftint or Grafix paper.

  6. Thanks, Pappy!
    That makes sense. I've seen instances, for example, where Russ Heath did a parody of THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE for Cracked, I think, too, anyway...
    and he did the whole story on Craftint brand artboards. That way, no patching was necessary, just applying the secret craftint chemicals for raising the tone on the paper...I think, I haven't used it myself!Apparently Wood had to use the boards provided by EC...were they lettered first, and then passed to the artist at that time at EC? I can't remember.
    So Wood did his tints on the Craftint, and added them to the EC artboards! There you go!
    Thanks, Pappy!