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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

POST # 7 - "UFO" by Tim Conrad

In the mid 1970's Tim Conrad's art started popping up here and there, mostly in Marvel's 'Conan' related publications, and at first Conrad seemed to be a kind of Barry Smith-influenced wannabe...that is, that Smith-influenced style appeared to be his only 'flavor'. Although to this day he continues to produce wonderful comic work mostly in the Robert E. Howard vein, Tim Conrad has proven himself to be more than just a Smith clone.

One of the reasons I love this particular Conrad story so much is that he gets to show off a more reality-based style, and he does it with such a different flair it's almost as if a whole new artist stepped in. From Marvel's EPIC ILLUSTRATED # 7, 1981, here is ...UFO!


  1. Pretty cool story. The artist seems to have photographed most of the visual elements and was able to pull off a very realistic rendering. The storytelling was on target and I love the way he was able to use extremes in value to convince us that we were seeing a light source that was otherworldly. The lighting reminds me of Virgil Finlay.

  2. Apocolyte: Man, you are on a roll of cool. I have not seen much from this artist and thought it was Richard Corben until I looked at it full size (and then could see it was much different).

    Great story! I could look at that panel when the bad guy gets it between the eyes all day! What great action storytelling. "Two for you, sucker!" Wow! I can almost feel the shotgun blasts shake the air. -- Mykal

  3. Interesting example of extraterrestrials playing the rĂ´le of angels.