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Friday, January 29, 2010

POST # 26 - "SAM'S SON AND DELILAH!" by Carmine Infantino and Al Milgrom

This is the story of Bubber.

You heard me. No, It's not the story of Rubber.

Bubber is the son of Sam. No, not the mass murderer. He's Sam's son, the deaf kid with amazing strength and skill. Skill that Sam uses for his own purposes.

When I first read this story in EERIE # 79 both my friend and I would laugh at his name. We just don't see many "Bubber's" where I come from. The scenes where the fans are chanting his name were particularly amusing to my buddy.

But Bubber's story is far from funny. Nope. It is a tale with tradgedy of biblical proportions, you might say. Certainly a cautionary tale for all parents.

The story is written by Bruce Jones, Pencilled by Carmine Infantino, and Inked by Al Milgrom.
Those names should be familiar to most comic fans. I think I've already mentioned my appreciation for Bruce Jones work.  Carmine Infantino is a DC legend, and he does a typically perfect job of story-telling here.
 Al Milgrom 's inks fit over Infantino's pencils like a glove, their styles working together as one.

Are you ready to be Bubberfied?
Then strap in for the most Bubberific ride of your life,
for here comes the Bubberous tale of


"Bubber! Bubber! Bubber!"


  1. C o o o o o l.... !

    Infantino is one of those artists who kept getting better with age. Bolder strokes, more confident, more expressive, more unique point-of-view. I was glad about the tumor (not for Bubber's sake, but the story's), as it lent some plausibility to Bubber's rampage, and further made the Father look like an asshole deserving of a Stadium collapsing on his head !!

  2. Holy Hell, what a great tale. Incredibly clever and gripping. And the art! Wow. I have always loved Infantino’s elegant pencils since first really seeing them in the Adam Strange reprints. I loved this story. What sophistication in storytelling! -- Mykal

  3. Thanks guys!
    I love the panel with the giant I-beam falling on the guy!

  4. Infantino and Milgrom do blend well together. I totally agree about Camrine Infantino getting better with age, his late 70's and early 80's stuff is some of my favorite comic art when the inker is right. I love the old Marvel Star Wars comics.