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Monday, January 25, 2010

POST # 25 - H.P. Lovecraft's "COOL AIR" by Berni Wrightson

If one were to take the odd camera angles and ghastly, shadowy gothic imagery of  EC horror maven Graham Ingels, and cross it with the delicate, fine-lined etching quality pen-work of illustrator Franklin Booth, what would you get?

Whatever it is, I'll bet it looks a helluva lot like the art of Berni Wrightson, whose work has been compared to both. Mr. Wrightson has become enthroned as the modern master of horror, and for good reason. Picking up the torch once held by Ingels, Wrightson has carried said torch farther and to more places than Ingels could have imagined. With an expert mastery of the black and white shapes he creates with his fine pen lines or his broad brushstrokes, Wrightson certainly had a hand in bringing horror comics back into fashion in the late 60's and early 70's.

Here he shows he is not only an excellent illustrator, but also a keen writer and director as he takes on the challenge of adapting H. P. Lovecrafts classic horror tale COOL AIR.
Originally published in EERIE # 62, 1975, here is Berni Wrightson's version of
H.P. Lovecraft's COOL AIR!

EERIE #62 inside cover. Art By Berni Wrightson.

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  1. I'm not sure anyone in the world can match Wrightson for fine detail like this. Something about the Frankenstein project seemed to really break his spirit, though. Plus, I might be mis-remembering, but wasn't there some chemical or ink or something he developed horrible skin alergies too? Something like that? Anyway, what a wonderful gift for inking as displayed here. -- Mykal