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Sunday, March 9, 2014

POST # 47 - "LI'L ADAM" by Will Eisner

I was surprised to find that I hadn't posted any stories here by Will Eisner, since I thought that I had done so long ago. Well, It's about time.

Here's an amusing tale Eisner did lampooning  cartoon character Li'l Abner and his creator Al Capp, as well as Little Orphan Annie and her creator Harold Gray, and finally Dick Tracy and his creator Chester Gould(and also Capp's Dick Tracy satire Fearless Fosdick).!

Eisner was responsible for the creation of many successful Golden Age characters, including Dollman, Lady Luck, Uncle Sam, Mr. Mystic, The Black Condor, and Blackhawk, but his most popular creation was The Spirit. The Spirit first appeared in comics in 1940, and today's post originally ran in 1947, and then was reprinted in WARREN's black and white edition of THE SPIRIT # 1 in 1974.

One of the endearing (and enduring) qualities of Eisner's Spirit pages is the mixture of the gritty grime of his lavish cityscapes and the ever present effusion of humor and humanity. This post clearly presents bountiful measures of both, though this particular strip focuses heavier on the latter.




WOW!That's great stuff!!

I will be posting lots more Will Eisner artwork - coming here soon!


Also, Pappy's blog has some Al Capp and Li'l Abner here!


  1. I have to ask: How are you able to make all these scans so clean and devoid of the yellowing newsprint?

  2. Thanks for the kind comments...as far as the scans it's just a matter of cleaning them up well in photo-shop when they are needing a bit of fixing.