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Friday, February 21, 2014

POST # 44 - "THE MOONWEAVERS" by Leopold Sanchez

THE MOONWEAVERS comes to us from a series of stories that were published in EERIE in the mid 1970's, written by Budd Lewis and illustrated by Spanish artist Leopold Sanchez. While initially Warren's horror publications, which were obviously patterned after 1950's EC Comics horror model, featured many of EC's well-known artists such as Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, Johnny Craig, Jack Davis, and the like, the line-up eventually changed and soon an influx of Spanish artists(and later Filipino), virtually unknown to U.S. readers, began to reveal themselves.

Sanchez was part of the Valencia Studio in Spain with fellow artists Luis Bermejo and Jose Ortiz. In 1974 all three joined the Selecciones Illustradas agency which began produce work for Warren. Sanchez' work appeared in Warren's CREEPY, EERIE, and VAMPIRELLA horror stable between 1974 and 1983, often in partnership with Lewis.

Here they craft two tales that focus on the adventures experienced by two young boys, Gerome and Jason, who have formed a unique club, the Moonweavers, in 1936. Gerome has inherited a supernatural gift from his father, and that ability draws the Moonweavers into dark and mysterious expeditions into the unknown. In "DELIVER THE CHILD" and "THE GIFT", Lewis and Sanchez draw us into a world both subtle and horrifying.








"DELIVER THE CHILD" and "THE GIFT" originally presented in EERIE #76 & 77, 1976.

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