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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

POST # 29 - "THE DEBT" by Jack Davis (original artwork)

Hello, friends!
Where does the time go?
I have been neglecting you, haven't I?
Well, please accept this original art from Jack Davis, originally printed in EC Comics IMPACT # 3, 1955.
A story from their 'New Direction' line of Comics Code approved tales with an "Impact", which appear to be Shock Suspenstories with less blood. This one was written by Carl Wessler.
(For the published color version, click here to go see

Jack Davis is a legend. I don't think you need me to tell you who he is, and I'm in a bit of a rush, so I'll skip the usual insights and let you enjoy...


  1. Man, I love Jack Davis. Via his brush, even a boy pulling a nightshirt (page 2) is a work of cartooning beauty. Amazing. Every panel, every page the man ever put ink to - absolutely amazing. -- Mykal

  2. Thanks, Mykal.
    I love Davis, too.
    In younger days, I sometimes wouldn't take his dramatic art seriously, but once I came to accept his lanky, big footed type of style, I realized he could convey the most gripping depictions of any situation with amazing skill, and have long since fallen in love with any piece of paper his pen/brushed have touched with ink!

    You are so right about the scene with the night shirt ( and throughout the story) -- just look at the folds and the shadows! every panel is a joyful arrangement of black and white lines --beautifully done,
    what's really amazing is that of all EC artists, Davis was their FASTEST! He cranked out stories like this with EASE! Talented, eh?